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Webinar: Disaster Preparation & ManagementIn this session, Mandalay’s Senior Consultant Lacey Webb and Head of Support Brendon Horswell discussed how to prepare for and manage the impact of a natural disaster.

When: 11:00 AEST, 29 January 2020

Duration: This webinar ran for approximately 40 minutes.

Presenters: Senior Consultant Lacey Webb and Head of Support Brendon Horswell


Your Hosts

Lacey Webb
Senior Consultant, Mandalay Technologies

Lacey is a CPA qualified former CFO and industry experienced Waste Strategist & Consultant, specialising in Risk, Regulation and Compliance. Lacey is passionate about driving organisations to improve profitability and efficiency and her broad ranging financial, technical and operational experience allows her to lead change management across all levels of an organisation with ease.

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Brendon Horswell
Head of Support, Mandalay Technologies

Brendon has extensive experience in the waste and resource recovery sector spanning NSW, ACT, and QLD. A passionate leader with a strong focus on safety, accountability, and operational efficiency, Brendon challenges his teams to ensure every decision made is the best one possible.

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Preparing for Natural Disasters

Interview with Lacey Webb

With fires devastating the country and flooding and cyclones yet to come, it’s important to understand how this could impact you and what you should be doing to minimise damage to your waste facility in the event of a natural disaster. In this interview Lacey touches on what you can be doing to prepare.


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