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Experience operational efficiency like never before with our range of products specifically made for waste, quarry and other facility applications.

Facility Product Suite
Build a Personalised Waste Experience

Deliver high quality, efficient and cost-effective waste management services to your community by understanding resident waste behaviours.

Resident Product Suite
Mandalay Waste Report 2020

Gain invaluable insights into the thoughts, actions and behaviours of the general public towards various aspects of the Australian waste industry.

Mandalay Waste Report

Delivering exceptional software products to support and enhance your operations

  • Simplify customer systems – by expediating site access and unifying data collection and reporting capabilities.
  • Strengthen and add value to business processes – through improved transactional efficiency and system connectivity.
  • Make work and life easier for staff and management – by automating processes and through integrated technology solutions.

With a vibrant company culture, diversely talented staff and a customer-centric service focus, Mandalay Technologies’ experienced team provides tailored weighbridge and facility waste management systems to councils of any size, as well as private enterprises.

Our successful and long-term client relationships reflect the effectiveness of our partnership model and the team’s passion and determination to streamline customers’ complex business processes. When you think weighbridge software, waste management system and automated site solutions, think Mandalay Technologies.


Industry Leadership

20+ years of waste industry experience, and a significant focus on best practice and data security.

Local Support

Based in Australia and dealing with over 450 operational sites ensures local knowledge and access to a local team.


Integrate with your existing finance package and facility infrastructure. Access data across multiple facilities, facility types and locations.

Investment in Technology

Our commitment to continued investment in technology has seen an evolution from weighbridge to data management and analytics.

Product Roadmap

Understanding what is relevant to the Australian market and driving product development beyond the weighbridge.

Access to Real Data

Gain access to near real-time information captured across your facilities, displayed within dashboards and detailed reports.

What’s New at Mandalay


When Data is Power

Waste Management Review – August 2021

David McAlister, Resource Recovery Manager at Ipswich City Council tells Waste Management Review how data is essential for efficiency and effectiveness.

Resident Self Service

New Product Available

July sees the next evolution of Mandalay’s Resident Product Suite, with Resident Self Service launching in Albury City Council.

Allow residents to self-manage their waste services by using Mandalay’s Resident Platform.

Resident Waste Insights: Part 6

Motivations & Barriers to Recycling

Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling, but what motivates them to recycle and what things are preventing them from recycling effectively?

ISO Certification Achieved

ISO 27001 Information Security Management

We are excited to announce that Mandalay has attained certification for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls).

Check out what our clients are saying.

Striving for Improvements and Greater Efficiencies

Andrea Baldwin - Resource Recovery Team Leader at Albury City Council
I see Mandalay as a very proactive organisation that is always striving for improvements and greater efficiencies. They can see all of the things that we could be doing better more than ourselves. They have a great vision for what can be achieved. The platform will help us understand what days of the week people are bringing material in, which will allow us to make sure we are efficiently resourced on those days based on the data. I think that’s a really informative value add of the Mandalay system that will influence our resourcing on site.’

An important layer of flexibility

Nik Kleine - Executive Manager of Program Management
'With Mandalay, I don’t have to go to the site to get reports or have my team run reports for me. I can look at them anywhere, which adds an important layer of flexibility.' 

Everything we wanted in one package

Michelle Jorgensen – the acting Waste and Resource Recovery Coordinator
‘Mandalay are thinking into the future. They’re not just sitting in the moment. They’re getting feedback from their customers and considering the direction the waste industry is moving in. We find it very comforting as a customer to know that they are planning for the future.’ 

A forward thinking company wanting to add tangible value to our business

Keith Swift - Former WMRC Operations Manager   

'From our first contact with the Mandalay team, it was clear that they were a forward-thinking company who had a genuine interest in the WMRC not only becoming a customer but also in wanting to add tangible value to the business. Mandalay has a broad spectrum of experience in the waste industry and are not afraid to share those learnings with their customers, and I look forward to seeing Mandalay’s further innovations'

Whenever we reached out to Mandalay for help, you guys over delivered

Chris Brown - Waste Contracts & Commercial Business Manager
Whenever we reached out to Mandalay for help, you guys over delivered. Everyone listens, makes tangible actions and it validates that we’ve made the right decision. We have a number of peculiar things here in Wollongong that I don’t believe any other council does, and anything we put in front of Mandalay, it was never a no. We wouldn’t have gotten that help if we didn’t ask questions and so I’d encourage people to just ask questions.’ 

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency!

Morne Hattingh - Manager for Waste Resource and Recovery
‘Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. It’s a very efficient product to use. It works easy, staff like it, which is good, and so far, it has been extremely positive for us. There are various types of data sets available with different product categories and it’s all just a click away. The data itself and having it at our fingertips is extremely important for us. I really like the balance Mandalay got with analytics. And when it comes to waste management in the local government space, I think Mandalay has done well with the balance here too.'

Innovating and developing data solutions to help waste facilities manage and control their waste.

Why Mandalay?

Resolving challenges unique to your industry

Offering product suites that have been designed with particular industry and facility requirements in mind, Mandalay continues to meet challenges head-on.

  • Resolving Challenges Unique to Your Role: Whether you are a waste manager, council leader or IT manager, allow Mandalay to work with you to overcome the challenges and meet the key priorities that are unique to your role and the industry you work in.
  • Meeting the Needs of Various Facility Types: With a diverse industry and multiple facility types to accommodate, let Mandalay work with you to enhance the success of your operations with our leading waste management system.

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