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Deliver high quality, efficient and cost-effective waste management services to your community by understanding resident waste behaviours.

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Mandalay is a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Unlike most vendors who provide software to Waste and Resource Recovery facilities, Mandalay is a product-based company. This means that all Mandalay customers use the same core software products with various configurations to suit their business processes.   

Our product-based approach provides you with many advantages but most importantly, all new features developed by Mandalay are built into the one product used by all customers and therefore is available to all customers.  This approach means that Mandalay’s investment in software development is more efficient with a “do it once for all” logic.  

Innovation is embedded at our core. Mandalay’s Australian based development team continues to invest in our technology and has been doing so for the past 10 years. 

We release new iterations of our cloud-hosted products each fortnight. This enables us to maintain an “evergreen” position, so the software is always up to date while also removing the burden of big version updates. 


Industry Leadership

20+ years of waste industry experience, and a significant focus on best practice.

Australian Based Support

Based in Australia and dealing with over 450 operational sites ensures local knowledge and access to a local team.

Access to Real-Time Data

Gain access to near real-time information captured across your facilities, displayed within dashboards and detailed reports.

Ability to Integrate

Integrate with your existing finance package and facility infrastructure. Access your data across multiple facilities, facility types and locations.

Investment in Technology

Our commitment to continued investment in technology has seen an evolution from weighbridge transactions to data management and analytics.

Superior Data Security

With world-renowned ISO 27001 certification in Information Security Management, your data is in safe hands with us.

What’s New at Mandalay


July 2022 Newsletter

Discover what’s new at Mandalay in our July 2022 newsletter

Hear from Shire of Ashburton, meet a member of our team Trevor Rowler, have you started using our new FM Data Export Product yet, and our Tip of the Month.

City of Wanneroo Case Study

‘One of the Easiest Projects We’ve Ever Deployed’

Former Senior Project Manager of Waste Services for the City of Wanneroo – shares the benefits and opportunities they gained from working with Mandalay on their recent waste projects.

Mandalay Consulting

Working with you to ensure the correct systems, processes, technologies and integrations are in place.

Often customers will understand the output and outcomes they want their data to drive, however, what is often not understood is how this data is captured in the first instance.

Information Security Management Certification

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management

Learn about Mandalay’s certification for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) – what does it mean and why does it matter to you? 

Check out what our clients are saying

The whole process has been so smooth and easy

Melissa Cusack - Waste Coordinator at Shire of Ashburton
'The whole process has been so smooth and easy, even with all the covid delays and dramas. My team are loving the new system, especially how easy it is to use and the support & training you have given them. My young 80-year-old May is absolutely thrilled that she understands it and how easy it is for her to use. She thought she would struggle, but with the training and support she has received, she is over the moon. 
Once again, thank you so much. I will be highly recommending Mandalay as the go-to system for Waste Management software. You guys are amazing!!!!'

One of the easiest projects we've ever deployed

Juan-Mari Davies - former Senior Project Manager of Waste Services at the City of Wanneroo
“Mandalay did very well at engaging with everyone early. They understood the timeframes and made sure that developing the systems for the new facility didn’t impede with the rates going out on time. Mandalay made sure we could keep costs down, stay efficient and provide quality data, so we were able to achieve that easily. We got a massive return on that investment" 

Reducing the impact on our waste team

Kerry Dalton - Coordinator for Landfill Operations and Compliance at Bundaberg Regional Council
'Mandalay's voucher system reduced the impact on our team in waste. We’re not having to sit there making those phone calls and sending out vouchers all the time which has been really great. The first few months of voucher season was really busy but that’s something we don’t have to deal with any more'

Striving for Improvements and Greater Efficiencies

Andrea Baldwin - Resource Recovery Team Leader at Albury City Council
I see Mandalay as a very proactive organisation that is always striving for improvements and greater efficiencies. They can see all of the things that we could be doing better more than ourselves. They have a great vision for what can be achieved. The platform will help us understand what days of the week people are bringing material in, which will allow us to make sure we are efficiently resourced on those days based on the data. I think that’s a really informative value add of the Mandalay system that will influence our resourcing on site.’

An important layer of flexibility

Nik Kleine - Executive Manager of Program Management at the City of Darwin
'With Mandalay, I don’t have to go to the site to get reports or have my team run reports for me. I can look at them anywhere, which adds an important layer of flexibility.' 

Everything we wanted in one package

Michelle Jorgensen – the acting Waste and Resource Recovery Coordinator at Mitchell Shire Council
‘Mandalay are thinking into the future. They’re not just sitting in the moment. They’re getting feedback from their customers and considering the direction the waste industry is moving in. We find it very comforting as a customer to know that they are planning for the future.’ 

Innovating and developing data solutions to help waste facilities manage and control their waste

Why Mandalay?

Resolving challenges unique to your industry

Offering product suites that have been designed with particular industry and facility requirements in mind, Mandalay continues to meet challenges head-on.

  • Resolving Challenges Unique to Your Role: Whether you are a waste manager, council leader or IT manager, allow Mandalay to work with you to overcome the challenges and meet the key priorities that are unique to your role and the industry you work in.
  • Meeting the Needs of Various Facility Types: With a diverse industry and multiple facility types to accommodate, let Mandalay work with you to enhance the success of your operations with our leading waste management system.

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