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Waste and Resource Recovery

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overcome challenges and improve waste facility operations

A line of wheelie bins

Once upon a time, waste went straight to the tip where it was buried in the ground. Either a council truck would collect your single bin (if you were lucky enough to have that service where you lived) or you would drive to your local ‘tip’ where you would add your rubbish to the pile.

The Waste and Resource Recovery (WARR) Industry looks very different these days and continues to evolve as new technology emerges, legislation evolves and community awareness increases.

The industry is far more complex than you may realise. There are waste generators which are made up of residents, construction, demolition, commercial and industrial entities, and there are waste processors who take the waste from these sources. The waste is then sorted to recover and reuse resources where possible to minimise what is sent to landfill.

Along the way numerous technology systems are used to track waste movements, measure weights, record waste types, report information to environmental agencies and allow companies to track and manage their resources.

Where does Mandalay fit into the waste ecosystem?

Mandalay has been part of the waste industry in Australia for over 20 years. After initially offering a simple software tool to capture transactions at the weighbridge, today, one third of Australian waste facilities operate with Mandalay’s suite of products. Our products are a vital part of their day-to-day operations with essential data capture capabilities, analytics and reporting used to improve efficiencies, plan for the future and to provide Councils with the information they need to better communicate with and educate their communities about waste services.

Become part of an exciting and important industry that continues to evolve and expand. Join the Mandalay team today and help us on the journey to revolutionise the waste industry through data capture technologies in what can often be a challenging and changing environment.

Stuart Waste Facility - Townsville

Residential Suburb

Transfer Your Skills Across Industries

After decades of working in operations within the waste industry, Brendon made a career change into the technology sector by heading up the customer support team at Mandalay and has since moved into customer success.

While he remained in the ‘waste’ sector, operations and technology are worlds apart. Despite this, he adapted and easily transferred his existing skills into the new role.  So don’t forget that your skills are transferrable across companies and industries too, therefore if you are looking to make a change, don’t hesitate. Go for it!




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