Why Mandalay

Resolving challenges unique to your industry

Our customers often have challenges and unresolved problems that are unique to the industry they work in and the facilities they operate. Mandalay’s product suites have been designed with particular facility requirements in mind, along with the particular challenges faced by teams and their managers within these organisations.

Here we have identified a number of key priorities and challenges that may hold particular significance to the success of your role and organisation.

Council Leaders

As a Council Leader, what kind of challenges do you face in relation to the waste collection and management services delivered to your community?

CIO, CTO and IT Managers

What kind of challenges do you face as a CIO, CTO or IT Manager and how can Mandalay help you overcome them?

Waste Managers

As a waste manager, what kind of challenges do you face? Discover how  Mandalay can help you overcome them.

Waste Management

We’ve outlined just a few ways our technology has been utilised to overcome problems and create solutions for waste facilities.

Interested in What Mandalay has to Offer?

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Product 1
Facility Product Suite

The Facility Product Suite offers a range of software products for waste, quarry, and other facility applications.

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Product 2
Voucher Management

Introducing a simple yet powerful tool for issuing, managing and measuring waste vouchers and entitlements.

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Product 3
Mandalay Consulting

A specialist offering in Waste Industry consulting focused on operational efficiencies, technology and data.

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