Our Commitment

We are committed to a world without waste – where the materials we generate are a resource, and we help councils and communities create circular economies.

Our Mandalay team members actively contribute to the industry through education, presentations, workshops and speaking engagements across the sector based around industry best practice and improving the operations of facilities.

We employ several people from the industry, including two local government waste management specialists, who assist our clients with commercial advice and other consulting needs.

Meet the Mandalay team!

We have over 40 team members in our Australian-based team and deal with hundreds of operational sites within the waste and quarry industries. Here are some of the faces you may come across.

Simon Kalinowski


Simon is an emerging thought leader in the Australian waste industry with a focus on the role data plays in leading the industry to meet the challenges in today’s world. 

Rex Heathwood


Rex oversees product management, development and support. He ensures the best fit applications are applied and executed while also being a leader in presenting concepts, new products, and various business solutions to clients nationally. 

Andrew McDougall


With operational and leadership experience from a waste management and local Government background, Andy is an expert on process improvement and outcomes for end-users. 

Rosemary Black

Sales & Strategic Accounts

With a strong results and high achievement focus coupled with excellent people skills, Rosemary is a driving force behind Mandalay’s success in the sales space.  

Brendon Horswell

Head of Customer Success

Brendon is a people person with a focus on building meaningful relationships ensuring that our customers get maximum value from their product subscriptions.

Kumar Kannan

Senior Implementation Consultant

Kumar develops and conducts training, sets up data for new customers and assists customers in implementing robust data governance processes so they can protect their data and find the true value hiding within.  

Jason Hall

Operational Performance Leader

Jason builds and supports the necessary devices and system to ensure project implementation and ongoing operation is a success for all customers.   

Want to join the Mandalay team?

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Product 1
Facility Product Suite

The Facility Product Suite offers a range of software products for waste, quarry, and other facility applications.

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Product 2
Voucher Management

Introducing a simple yet powerful tool for issuing, managing and measuring waste vouchers and entitlements.

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Product 3
Mandalay Consulting

A specialist offering in Waste Industry consulting focused on operational efficiencies, technology and data.

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