Our Commitment

We are committed to a world without waste – where the materials we generate are a resource, and we help councils and communities create circular economies.

Our Mandalay team members actively contribute to the industry through education, presentations, workshops and speaking engagements across the sector based around industry best practice and improving the operations of facilities.

We employ several people from the industry, including two local government waste management specialists, who assist our clients with commercial advice and other consulting needs.

Meet the Mandalay team!

We have over 30 team members in our Australian-based team and deal with hundreds of operational sites within the waste and quarry industries. Here are some of the faces you may come across.

Simon Kalinowski


Simon Kalinowski is an innovator and thought leader in the waste industry who believes that radical change is needed to solve the global waste challenge. Noted for his technology-minded and spirited entrepreneurial approach, Simon advocates for ecological sustainability and is proud of the sustainable practices that he leads in the waste industry. He is constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to be an influencer of future growth in the Australian waste industry, and he is very conscious of meeting the future expectations and scrutiny of the community and increasing industry legislation.

Rex Heathwood

COO, Head of Product

Rex has a strong commercial background combined with a highly diverse exposure across a broad range of industries and roles, so he is well equipped to ensure the best ‘fit’ applications are applied and executed. Rex currently oversees Product Management, Development and Support across cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) and desktop platforms.

Rosemary Black

Head of Sales & Strategic Accounts

Rosemary’s area of expertise includes strategic business development, management and operations, performance management, sales and marketing, client and stakeholder engagement, financial and administrative governance including the management of special projects. Rosemary has extensive experience across corporate and government sales, where she draws upon her expert relationship building techniques.

Brendon Horswell

Head of Customer Success

Brendon is an experienced management professional who has successfully operated in a number of leadership and contract management roles. Brendon has extensive experience in the waste and resource recovery sector spanning NSW, ACT and Queensland.

Brendon challenges his teams to ensure every decision made is in the best interest of both clients and the organisation while upholding the highest safety priority. He is commercially astute with superior communication skills and demonstrates effective results-oriented leadership, with a passion for developing, motivating and mentoring multi-disciplined teams.

Download Brendon's Digital Business Card.

Andrew McDougall

Head of Services

Andrew brings operational and leadership experience from a waste management and Local Government background along with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management, meaning he is well placed to focus on process improvement and outcomes for end-users.

Andrew works with the team to proactively resolve challenges being faced by customers and also manages and delivers consulting services to support the use of Mandalay’s range of products to ensure the best possible outcomes are being achieved.

Lacey Webb

Resource Hub

Lacey is a CPA qualified former CFO and industry experienced Waste Strategist & Consultant, specialising in Risk, Regulation and Compliance. Lacey is passionate about driving organisations to improve profitability and efficiency and her broad ranging financial, technical and operational experience allows her to lead change management across all levels of an organisation with ease.

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The Facility Product Suite offers a range of software products for waste, quarry, and other facility applications.

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Voucher Management

Introducing a simple yet powerful tool for issuing, managing and measuring waste vouchers and entitlements.

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Mandalay Consulting

A specialist offering in Waste Industry consulting focused on operational efficiencies, technology and data.

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