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Resolving opportunities for all clients

Here at Mandalay Technologies, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems, although in essence, we believe that they are no ‘problems’, only unresolved opportunities – so talk to us! Here are some of the solutions that we have developed for our clients.

Our customers often have challenges and unresolved problems that are unique to the type of organisation they are or the way they operate. Our solution-based approach allows us to assist them in solving their challenges and continue to develop their facilities. We outline just some of the ones we have covered from waste facilities, multi-location operations and complying to government requirements.

Waste Management

  • Weighbridge data collection and integration


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Chain of responsibility

Waste Facilities

  • Best practice facility management
  • Fraud detection and financial
  • Data integrity and backup
  • Security


  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Cloud based
  • Dynasync

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Product 1
Mandalay CS Facility Operating System

A collection of solutions that operate the facilities. From weighbridge, financial transactions, reporting and ticketing.

Mandalay CS
Product 2
naus Intelligence Platform

A cloud-based data management software that gives the benefits of a cloud-based solution such as backup, flexibility, access, sync and disaster recovery.

naus Practical Intelligence
Product 3
Waste Pathways

These are all the solutions designed to meet the departments and processes between the generation of waste and its final fate.

Waste Pathways