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Our customers often have challenges and unresolved problems that are unique to the Industry and organisation they work in, and the facilities they operate. Mandalay’s product suites have been designed with particular facility requirements in mind, along with the particular challenges faced by teams and their managers within these organisations.

Here we have identified a number of key priorities and challenges that may hold particular significance to the success of your role and organisation.

Waste Facilities

Capturing transactional information across a number of waste facility types, including Landfill Facilities, Material Recovery Facilities, Transfer Stations and Organic Recycling Facilities.

Waste Management

Managing data captured from single sites and unmanned sites, or aggregating data captured across multiple sites.

Providing fraud management, auditable reports, dashboards and API integration with other systems.


Software tools and reporting that comply with current legislative and regulatory requirements across each state of Australia (e.g. waste levy, chain of responsibility).

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Product 1
Mandalay CS Facility Operating System

A Point of Sale (POS) system that captures and processes vehicle movements in and out of sites, while delivering critical functions like payment processing, hardware interfaces, and data capture.

Mandalay CS
Product 2
naus Intelligence Platform

A cloud-based platform that centralises site data and provides the benefit of role-based user access, multi-directional data synchronisation, data backup and disaster recovery.

naus Practical Intelligence
Product 3
Waste Pathways

A new product offering in testing and development that will provide the ability to track waste data from waste source to waste destination. Taking existing C&I and C&D data and integrating MSW data to create a more holistic view of waste management within a region.

Waste Pathways