ALTS 2021

Conference Wrap-Up

by Simon Kalinowski

One thing I’m seeing more and more is the increasing professionalism of industry conferences, something that causes me to be really proud of being part of the industry.

There was a huge focus on the role of landfills and disaster waste management in respect to a number of the disasters that have occurred particularly in New South Wales over the preceding 12-18 months.

Another item that really stood out, in addition to the evolution of related technologies around landfill and landfill management, was the ongoing and increasing compliance obligations and reporting requirements of landfills. Plus, the key role that landfills have in their relationship with community and social license.

You can see a number of issues in Sydney with one well-reported landfill and how that impacts the perception of the community in relation to landfills. But they are still an essential part of waste management for the foreseeable future. Therefore, the role of compliance and reporting and that engagement with community will be a really critical one as we service the community’s waste needs.


Host: WMRR
When: 8-10 June, 2021
Where: Doltone House, Darling Island, Sydney NSW

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