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Webinar: The Future… is the Resident

Imagine what your ideal waste services would be at your property. Then, imagine every single property and occupier within your community has their own personalised experience.

As a council, how do you increasingly personalise those services to allow you to achieve council’s objectives of improved service and increased recycling?

‘I really believe that the future of waste is about residents – understanding the behaviour at each property and the relationship that exists with each property.’ Simon Kalinowski

You’re Invited

Join Simon Kalinowski on Wednesday, the 8th of December for a webinar titled ‘The Future… is the Resident’ where he will look at the future of the industry.

What did waste look like 10 years ago and what does it look like towards 2030?
And, as a council, what are some of the questions you may
 already be starting to ask?

  • Should you offer on-demand services, such as vouchers or verge collection?
  • Do you operate remote facilities that are costly to staff and have pressure to close?
  • Do you provide waste services that are used by neighbouring councils?
  • Are there specific categories of the community you would like to service uniquely short term?
‘Join me as I discuss the answers to questions like these and many more in our next webinar. Hope to see you there.’ Simon Kalinowski
Presenter: Simon Kalinowski, CEO at Mandalay

When: 11:00am AEST, Wednesday, 8 December 2021


Your Host

Simon KalinowskiSimon Kalinowski

CEO, Mandalay Technologies

Simon is considered an emerging thought leader in the waste industry in Australia, particularly in the role data plays in leading the industry to meet the challenges in today’s world. He is also a regular contributor to legislative reform discussions within the waste industry. Simon is particularly passionate about leading meaningful change and the role industry professionals have in delivering an essential service.

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