Unlocking the Value of Image Capture

Image Capture is an incredibly important audit tool that can be used to capture a visual record of vehicles entering and exiting your facilities, and the loads they are carrying. The image will provide essential information associated with the transactions your facility captures to provide you with a clear and auditable historyThat’s why we believe it should be an essential element used with all weighbridges. 

A facility thats not utilising such technology is missing out on the benefits and efficiencies that can be gained, and we want you to know about it. That’s why we are unlocking the value of Image Capture for you, to give you a clear understanding of what it is, what it can do, and how it can add value to your facility. 

What is Image Capture?

The Image Capture product uses CCTV cameras and any other type of camera available over a local network to automatically capture images of vehicles entering a facility, with photos attached to the corresponding transactionThis is done to help verify transactional data aligned with a specific vehicle such as vehicle registration details, date and time of the transaction, vehicle contents, and/or vehicle configuration 

You can choose to orient the camera to capture the scale displayThis will help you see the weight on the scale at the time of the image as wellIt’s also possible to capture the driver too. 

How Does it Work? 

For Image Capture to operateup to four cameras are installed at the facility gate to take photos of vehicles from multiple angles. These cameras are oriented to ensure vehicle registration and truckload contents are clearly photographed.  

But the best part about Image Capture is that the whole process is automated.  

The cameras need to be configured to the weighbridge PC for automation to occur. Operators simply need to select the ‘Store’ and ‘Print’ buttons during the transaction flow to initiate the Image Capture function. Once these buttons are clicked, all relevant transaction information is collected for each vehicle and stored within the system.  

What Value Can Be Gained from Image Capture? 
  • Verify transactions and resolve customer queries – When vehicle photos and relevant details are attached to each transaction, transactions can be verified, and queries can be resolved. For example, when a customer questions a transaction or if the photo of a truck’s load does not match what the customer says, the customer service staff can respond with confidence as they have the information they need to make the right decision 
  • Source and identify key transaction information – System users can search for and identify images linked to transactions based on the ticket number, date, time and site along with other information. Having access to multiple searchable points makes it easier to locate prior transactions.  
  • Resolve invoice disputes  Remove the burden of waste teams spending hours trying to locate a particular image to resolve an invoice dispute. Image capture is an effective and simple way for finance and waste teams to locate the proof they need to validate transactions and ensure invoices are paid promptly. 
  • Access to transaction information organisation wide – This information is not confined to your operators and the weighbridge PCs. Transaction information can be accessed across your organisation within our cloud-based platform. But not everyone needs access. You have the freedom to allocate and remove access to any member of your team across the organisation.  
  • Print Individual Image Capture Transactions – Want a physical record of all or some of your facility transactions? With Mandalay, you can print a PDF version of the transactional information and vehicle images in a single document.  
  • Securely Stored and Backed Up – Depending on your chosen platform settings, all transaction records can be stored and backed up securely within the platform for up to seven years  
Why Does Your Waste Facility Need it?

Having Image Capture at your facility ultimately comes down to improved capture of transaction information at the gatehouse, which in turn leads to faster, efficient and more confident operators.  

But it’s not just the operators who benefit here. Once the wider organisation has access to this comprehensive transaction information, further use and benefit can be gained from this data which may impact on bigger facility or site wide decisions. 

 Image Capture is just one step you can take towards future-proofing your waste facility. The level of access, functionality and ease of use combined with the wealth of transaction information that can be gained makes Image Capture an essential function that’s far ahead of any manual alternatives.  

Investing in Image Capture for Your Facility 

Image Capture is an extension product available for the Facility Product SuiteIf you are a current client who is already using Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite, simply contact our team and request to have Image Capture added to your existing products.  

If you’re interested in investing in Image Capture, contact us to discuss the possibilities and value that can be gained at your facility.  

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