Mandalay Technologies hosted a series of webinars to assist councils in their preparation for the Queensland waste levy which was implemented on March 4, 2019. Along with these webinars, we also organised discussion groups to focus on various topics related to the levy.

Webinar length: This webinar session ran for approximately 1 hour.

Format: This discussion group was facilitated online by the Waste and Recycling team from Rockhampton Regional Council; including:

  • Michael O’Keeffe – Manager, Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling
  • Vince Morrice – Coordinator, Waste and Recycling Facilities
  • Mitch Crane – Supervisor, Waste and Recycling Facilities
  • Ainsley Hutchings – Administrator/Dispatch Officer

Attendees had the ability to participate in the conversation during the throughout the entire session.

The focus of this group was RRA. Topics discussed during the session included:

  • Setting the scene – the current provisions around RRAs.
  • The process of defining your RRA.
  • What should and shouldn’t be captured within the RRA.
  • Implications of stockpile before and after 4th March.
  • Have a transfer station?  Should it be in the RRA?
  • Capturing movements relevant to the RRA.
  • If you already have an RRA from 2012, do you need to review or reapply?
  • How will you manage your Cover Material (if it’s not exempt)?
  • Should you set up more than one RRA?





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