Product Updates

What can you expect from product updates and releases?

Product updates and software releases are handled in the following ways.

 Mandalay Logo   Deployed products

Mandalay’s Facility Core Product offers two version releases per year – a major release and a minor service release. These releases generally occur every 6 months.

Access to one release per year is available free of charge and included with your software subscription agreement. Upgrading to new version releases is performed upon request or as required in conjunction with the support process.

Version upgrades are managed via a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment to ensure smooth deployment.

Specific release notes are made available for all version releases via the Customer Service Portal (CSP). Detailed instruction articles are created for major functionality.

Contact the Mandalay Support Team today to request access to the latest product version.

naus   Hosted products

Mandalay’s hosted products, available via the naus Platform, are updated in a fortnightly release cycle. Notification will be circulated one week prior to the release to outline what will be included in the release. Confirmation of release success will be circulated post-release along with access to relevant release notes.

All major functionality releases will include documentation accessible via the CSP.

Planned Maintenance

Planned scheduled maintenance and releases take place outside standard business hours with account administrators notified in advance.

Unplanned Maintenance

In the event that critical maintenance is required, account administrators will be notified and maintenance conducted dependent on the nature of the incident.