ISO 27001 Certification Achieved

Mandalay has been delivering products via a cloud-hosted model for a number of years. As part of this transition, we have also been investing in our people, processes and technology to ensure customer data is appropriately protected.

We are excited to announce that Mandalay has attained certification for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls).

Simply put, Mandalay has implemented a framework (Information Security Management System) that will allow us to operate, monitor, review and continually improve our information risk management processes and systems.  

A huge amount of work has been achieved behind the scenes to ensure that our systems, policies and procedures all meet the necessary requirements. And most important to note, this is not the end. Becoming ISO certified represents a commitment to continually review and improve those systems, policies and procedures.

Compass ISO 27001


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