We will continue to service our customers with staff in a reduced risk environment at home now, and into the future.

As a company, Mandalay Technologies have formally implemented a work from home policy. A key driver during this time is keeping employees healthy and aiding your organisation’s ability to endure the social and economic impact of COVID-19. We know from experience that remote work can produce many benefits, from better flexibility to higher performance.

We take the opportunity to highlight a few actions we are taking:

  • As a supplier, our organisation’s service and support to our customers is crucial. We will maintain our current high-resolution rate of support through using technology to remotely connect you to the right person to address your needs. There will be no change to how you contact us or our response times.
  • As we are implementing a reduced travel policy, we will deliver consulting, training and projects remotely using video conference technology and still being present in your facilities.
  • We will focus on delivering our core services and streamline our administration to minimise impacts on your organisation. Our product development resources will be used should there be any shortfall in support resources.

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