Eco Resources are a privately owned, family run waste management site based in Western Australia. To meet their increased demand for accurate data, Eco Resources chose Mandalay CS to streamline their ticketing process and save considerable time and money processing their weekly accounts.


Opening its doors in July of 2011, Eco Resources is a Western Australian recycling transfer station that is situated in Hope Valley in the Town of Kwinana. After experiencing rapid growth in the first 18 months, it was evident they were unable to continue manually writing tip dockets. Eco Resources extensively researched different programs that could automate the task, eventually choosing to go with Mandalay CS. This successful facility has recently moved to larger premises, with an overarching goal to increase the amount of waste they recycle every year, diverting as much as possible from landfill.

Current Situation

A WA owned and operated company since 2011, and with the aim of providing a direct alternative to landfill, Eco Resources currently has a recycling rate of 85%, shredding the remaining 15% of unsalvageable waste to further reduce it in size before going to an appropriate landfill site. By going this extra step further and shredding the waste, this site increases its compaction rate by a further 26%. Only 3% of all waste disposed at their site ends up back into landfill, meaning 97% of waste that it either reused, recycled or reduced. Eco Resources has the goal of achieving the highest rate of recycling in WA and is driven to provide a zero waste solution, keeping the best interests of the environment and their customers at the forefront of their business.The Council had previously used a basic weighbridge software package but due to its growing sophisticated operations it now requires a system that can provide a more accurate and timely audit trail of its customer and subcontractor transactions.

The Challenge

Originally, machine operators had to hand write in docket books for every truck that tipped a load at their facility. This time consuming process meant staff had to stop work every time a truck came onsite to record the transaction details. Every docket then had to be manually entered into MYOB so the invoices could be processed each week. Overall, staff spent countless hours recording every tip each week. Eco Resources had the goal of finding the most efficient and accurate solution to this time-consuming process.

The Solution

Mandalay CS provided the software solution so that all details could be recorded for every load tipped, and importantly, a printed tip docket that could be given to each driver. The huge advantage of Mandalay CS was that it saved the machine operators having to stop work every 5-10 minutes when trucks came onto site. From an account perspective, it was imperative there was an export function to MYOB. Mandalay provided this import function meaning that within a few minutes all the accounts for the week could now be processed into invoices. Since the implementation of Mandalay CS, it now only takes only a few hours a week to process their accounts. Mandalay CS also provides a more professional look to the company as the weekly summary sheets are now sent to their clients, making their job easier to track loads tipped. Mandalay also provides the security of having a backup of all data. Since the installation of Mandalay CS, Eco Resources has cut down its transaction processing time from between 30 seconds and 1 minute, down to 5 seconds per transaction, saving considerable time, money and resources.

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