With continual product innovations designed to track and interpret data, Mandalay Technologies is the only company in Australia to provide a comprehensive waste management product that allows you to accurately analyse and report on the complex details of your waste network.  

Good data is the first step towards delivering better outcomes for your organisation by providing insights that will steer you towards a more efficient, structured, and profitable service. This can be achieved through Mandalays Facility Analytics and Reporting product. 

What Does Facility Analytics and Reporting Do?

Facility Analytics and Reporting provides you with access to a wealth of accumulated data and insights about your waste operations, giving your organisation a big picture view across your facilities, right down to the minute detail of individual transactions – all within one easy to use platform.  

Extensive Data & Insights – Facility Analytics and Reporting is tailor-made for the waste industry to give you good-quality data and insights that are relevant to your operations. Analyse and report on data beyond your standard operational reports such as transactions, payments, compliance events, accounts, waste typestraffic volumes, date ranges, facilities and more. 

Visualise your Data – With its easy-to-use interface, effortlessly navigate through your organisations data such as ticket numbers, order numbers and license plates, and gain multiple views of your data through dashboards and reports. Your data is displayed in near real-time, providing you with accurate reporting on demand. 

Filter and Slice Your Data – Easy filter and slicer controls makes looking at the transactional data across different date ranges, products and clients seamless. This includes daily, weekly and monthly perspectives on up to 24 months of data for a single facility or across all your facilities.  

Compare Your Data – Benchmark and compare key operational metrics to help you predict trends and identify anomalies. Isolate the data points of your choosing and compare that information across different periods of time. 

Flexible and Secure Data Access – Have flexible access to your data across facilities while maintaining superior security over your data with user permissions, data backup and recovery. 

Continual Enhancements and Added Features – Client feedback and input is an important part of the continual development and growth of our products, and new features and enhancements are rolled out on a frequent basis. We have several feature sets in the pipeline which will be available soon including customisation of reports. 

With Facility Analytics and Reporting, you will be provided with a platform that allows you to analyse and run reports on the right data to empowers\ your organisation to make informed decisions and operate with improved efficiency. 

If you’re interested in finding out how Mandalays Facility Analytics and Reporting product can benefit your organization today, contact Rosemary Black at [email protected]For more information visit our website at www.mandalaytech.com.au 

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