Located in Perth’s outer southern suburbs, the City of Rockingham is a rapidly developing residential area with substantial industrial, commercial and naval activity. The City owns and operates the Millar Road Landfill and Recycle Facility which processes household, commercial, industrial, green and contaminated waste. Managing the City’s population growth and taking a responsible position on greenhouse gas mitigation necessitates a system which supports more sophisticated operations and provides a more accurate and timely audit trail of customer and sub-contractor transactions.

Industry: Waste Management

The challenge

Like all waste management providers, the City of Rockingham is facing the challenge of readying its information environment to comply with government reporting requirements. To optimise its waste management operations, the City looked to upgrade its weighbridge system and replace it with a more complete weighbridge transaction, accounting and compliance software package.

The solution

The City chose the MandalayCS solution over a field of competitors due to a number of system enhancements including user friendly touch screen and in-built advanced predictive analytics which produce insightful web-based reports on operational performance. In addition, Mandalay Technologies tailored aspects of the software to meet the City’s unique requirements and provided comprehensive training to ensure employees were ready for the change. The City now captures more accurate and timely data for internal reporting and levy calculations including the ability to produce compliance-assured reports to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC).

System details

  • Weighbridge software
  • Touch screen consoles
  • Replicated central server for data administration, reporting and back-up
  • Full training
  • Annual maintenance

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