City of Greater Geelong

Geelong is Victoria’s largest regional city, with semi-rural and diverse urban communities. It is a major gateway to some of the world’s best surf beaches, and is home to major industries including manufacturing and construction. The City of Greater Geelong, Victoria’s largest council, is known as a leader in the delivery of local government services to its population of over 234,000 residents.

Industry: Waste Management


3 sites (including weighbridges), geographically separated
Separate head office and separation of waste services throughout buildings
Specific IT network security and access levels


The City of Greater Geelong and Mandalay have had a successful partnership for over 6 years. Geelong’s waste section includes 3 sites and a separate head office, so Mandalay’s system gives the City of Greater Geelong the flexibility to manage data from multiple sites at a separate central location and track the large volume of waste and data in this growing region.

Mandalay has implemented a replication failure notification system, which tracks data replication from sites to head office. This system enables us to receive email alerts for errors, so we can notify Council of any errors and address them early on. For the City of Greater Geelong, one of the most important parts of the Mandalay system is the reporting module, which gives them the ability to produce timely detailed reports.


In addition to implementing Mandalay’s data capture system, The City of Greater Geelong commissioned Mandalay to conduct a business analysis of their waste system, in order to maximise the amount of revenue generated through their sites and increase the efficiency of their waste management process. This business analysis review provided Council with multiple opportunities to streamline their operations and reduce costs throughout their waste management business.


The IT department is one of the most important sections that we work with within councils and companies, and it is essential to have good communication and a strong working relationship with our customers’ IT departments. We have worked with the City of Greater Geelong’s IT department to tailor our system to meet their specific IT network security and access levels and enjoy a successful partnership with them.

“Mandalay is a great provider – one of the top 2 or 3 vendors that we have. The work that is done is of a high quality, and it’s of great value to us to have a supplier team we can confidently work with.”

“The software is well written, it has a professional interface for customers, and the technology that we’ve taken on in last 12 months makes use of the latest technologies and processes.”

Vidas Kymantas, IT Business Support Coordinator – City of Greater Geelong

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