5 key benefits of Mandalay's Facility Product Suite

Here at Mandalay, our ultimate goal is to contribute to the success of your waste facility operations and make the workday easier for the individuals working within your teams. Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite is one of the key tools we have in place that will contribute to your success and help with your day to day operations.  


What is the Facility Product Suite? 

Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite includes a range of products that work together to coordinate the operations and management of your facility. The Facility Core Product will capture and process vehicle movements in and out of sites, while delivering critical functions including transaction capture, Point-of-Sale (POS) payment processing and hardware interfaces. 

Additional extension products within the Facility Product Suite include EFTPOS integration, Image Capture, Data and Finance Import/Export, License Plate Recognition, Multi Weigh, Site-Based Pricing, Facility Analytics, an API Suite, plus more. 

What makes Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite stand out from the rest?   

Here are 5 reasons why one in three Australian waste facilities use Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite. 


1. Always Up to Date Software 

Deployed software can often be years out of date, with software updates few and far between. Thanks to Mandalay’s hybrid cloud hosted solution, your software will always be up to date. Our future proofed solution consists of cloud-based software combined with the offline capabilities of deployed software. Data is secure and backed-up, software versions are deployed more often and with ease, and data is synchronised between remote facilities and central admin.  


2. Regulatory Compliance 

 The regulatory environment within the waste industry is constantly changing, it varies from state to state and the reporting involved is complicated and often manual. Avoid manual reports and remain compliant with Mandalay. Our system complies with various EPA and regulatory requirements such as state-based regulatory reporting and Heavy Vehicle National Law. As requirements change, our system is updated to suit.  


3. Accurate Reporting  

Appropriate and accurate reporting is essential for helping your council plan for the future. But many waste facilities are not confident that the reporting data they depend on is accurate and up-to-date 

For many waste facilities, the multiple sources of data that make up the waste landscape are separate and need to be manually integrated. Within Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite, each data source is combined into a single source of truth within our system. Your admin and management teams will have access to this data in near real-time to create accurate reports that are genuinely valuable for your business. 


4. Integration with Your Finance Systems 

 Streamline your payment processing and account management by integrating Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite with your finance system. Through integration or generating custom exports, you remove the discrepancies that come with manually transferring finance data between systems. Whilst modern technologies for integration are available through Mandalay’s API Suite, the most common method for integration is through flat file generation. Mandalay will work with your team to identify your exact requirements.   


5. A Local Support Team 

Reliable support is essential to keep your operations ticking along. At Mandalay, you’ll have access to our Brisbane based Support Team to help with any product and system questions that you have. Our Support and Consulting Teams have significant industry experience, which means we can also help guide you through more complex issues. Whenever a question or issue arises, we’re only a support request away.  

A library of information can also be accessed through our Customer Service Portal (CSP), which includes howtos, articles and product release information. 


There’s so much more to discover with Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite. Read more about these benefits on our Facility Product Suite page or contact us for more information on how Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite can help improve your operations. 


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