Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) transaction and reporting system


MandalayCS Software

Servicing an area of approx 2,700 square kilometres, the Wingecarribee Shire Council required enhanced internal and external reporting to support the 500 daily customer transactions taking place at its busy Resource Recovery Centre (RRC). An important requirement of the system was that it must cater to facility-specific reporting requirements, including the capture of sub-contractors’ activities.

Industry: Waste Management

The challenge

The Council’s previous system had presented extensive limitations and systemic flaws, resulting in poor quality reporting and a significant investment in time and money to rectify. The new solution therefore had to first and foremost improve the integrity of data, meet strict internal auditing procedures and suit Council’s specific reporting requirements. The next challenge was finding a solution that could be implemented and adopted by users instantly so as to minimise the disruption of a phased roll-out.


Wingecarribee Shire Council chose Mandalay Technologies’ Complete Solution (MandalayCS) software due to its enhanced functionality and centralised platform. Since implementation, the Council’s complex workflow has been simplified, and internal and external customer behaviour can now be analysed. With improved data integrity, Council now has a solution which ensures that captured information is auditable, transferrable and useful for compliance reporting and organisational decision-making.

System details

  • Touch screen consoles
  • Tablet
  • Interface between MandalayCS & Dallas key readers
  • Interface between MandalayCS & scales
  • CCTV for licence plate recognition
  • Relay card to facilitate control of the boom gates
  • Licence plate recognition for automated processing of transactions

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