Digital Ticket Solutions

Recent events have highlighted the benefits of using a digital ticket solution to address problems often experienced with paper tickets.

Mandalay’s CEO Simon Kalinowski and Head of Product Rex Heathwood explored how Mandalay could develop a Digital Ticket Solution, along with some of the issues it would address, including:

– Need for contactless transactions

– Lost tickets

– Billing queries between Organisations and their Commercial Customers

– Digital presence to enhance Organisations interactions with their Commercial Customers through the naus platform.




Presenters: CEO, Simon Kalinowski, and Head of Product, Rex Heathwood

Discussion Points:

  • What are Digital Tickets?
  • Common issues solved by Digital Tickets
  • How you can participate in this initiative

Your Hosts

Simon Kalinowski
CEO, Mandalay Technologies

Simon is considered an emerging thought leader in the waste industry in Australia, particularly in the role data plays in leading the industry to meet the challenges in today’s world. He is also a regular contributor to legislative reform discussions within the waste industry. Simon is particularly passionate about leading meaningful change and the role industry professionals have in delivery an essential service.

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Rex Heathwood
Head of Product, Mandalay Technologies

Rex has a strong commercial background combined with a highly diverse exposure across a broad range of industries and roles, so he is well equipped to ensure the best ‘fit’ applications are applied and executed. Rex currently oversees Product Management, Development and Support across cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) and desktop platforms.


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