Uniform Legislation in Europe


Mandalay’s consultant Darren North talks about how uniform legislation for the classification of waste in Europe has helped waste and recycle facilities determine where a product has come from and how it can be re-purposed.

Video duration: 1 minute, 2 seconds




Key Message
  • Changes in legislation were implemented to avoid some of the pitfalls of the multi-classification of waste and the lack of understanding around the generation of waste
  • It’s important to understand how waste is generated
  • Changes in legislation have been effective in positively transforming the waste industry






Darren North
Consultant, Mandalay Technologies

Darren brings over 20 years’ waste management and resource recovery experience in both the public and private sectors within Australia and the UK. He has extensive experience spanning both traditional and contemporary processing, disposal, recycling and recovery practises including in the areas of sustainability, environment, behaviour change and both single and multi-facility operations and management.


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