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Give your community the ability to access and manage their own waste services

Imagine giving your community online access to their waste entitlements, at a time that suites them.

Mandalay’s Resident Self Service product delivers a more personalised service to your community and will give your residents the ability to manage their own waste services.

No more waiting for business hours to talk with a customer service representative, no more waiting for physical vouchers to be posted. Residents can simply register online, authenticate their relationship with a property and access waste entitlements any time, all while giving council full transparency.

What is Resident Self Service?

Resident Self Service has been developed to allow residents (both owner-occupiers and renters) to authenticate themselves through an online platform and access waste services, such as waste vouchers, with no council staff interaction.

Mobile Device

The application will allow residents to access waste services for properties based on their relationship to those properties via their own personal account. Council has the ability to set community roles (relationships) along with validation and authentication rules to manage entitlements.

How Does it Work?

Residents will initially need to create an account within Mandalay’s Resident Platform. The platform can be branded with councils branding and accessed from council’s website, ensuring a seamless experience for your residents.

Once registered, residents authenticate themselves with a property and identify their relationship with that property. This process can take place online or can be managed by council.

Residents can then access waste services that their property is eligible for.

The process can vary to suit each council’s requirements and expectations.

What Value Can Be Gained from Resident Self Service?
  • Improved customer service experience: Residents will no longer need to contact your customer service team about waste services and entitlements. Remove wait times and make the customer service experience much simpler by providing them with a modern and efficient self-service capability.
  • Save time and money on council management: By allowing your residents to self-manage their services, this removes a whole series of tasks that would previously be handled by your customer service team who can now spend time on other more useful and productive tasks.
  • Understanding community waste behaviours through data capture: Capture detailed information of the services used by your community.
  • Build a digital relationship with your community: Expand your ability to interact and communicate with your community in a digital capacity.
  • 24/7 resident access to waste services: Your residents will be able to access waste services such as vouchers at a time that is convenient to them.
  • Access to vouchers through mobile devices: Offer your residents a convenient and easy to use platform for waste vouchers that can be accessed through any mobile device.
  • Controlled access to programmes: Define and control eligibility and entitlement to waste services like vouchers by property type, and resident type.
Why Does Your Community Need it?

Ultimately, Resident Self Service will improve engagement with residents. It will give residents access to services when and how they want to use them. It will reduce the overhead of administering various waste services while giving councils the ability to manage waste entitlements according to relationships and seasons. It will provide councils with increased data and usage statistics illustrating how waste services are being used, when they are used and what they are being used for.

Arm your council with the information required to improve services and educate members within the community.

Investing in Resident Self Service

Resident Self Service is just one product available within the Resident Product Suite paving the way for Councils to create relationships with the various stakeholders within their communities.

Contact our team to find out how Resident Self Service and the other products within this product suite can benefit your community.

If you’re interested in investing in Resident Self Service, contact us to discuss the possibilities and value that can be gained at your facility.  



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