Christmas is just around the corner, and at this time of the year, the world moves faster and seemingly never stops; particularly in the waste and recycling industry. As the end of this year fast-approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss three key industry trends I have observed over its duration.

Firstly, a common topic amongst everyone, at all levels of the industry, has been, and still is currently, collaboration on the way that we organise ourselves to deal with the problem of increasing waste; and how to recycle, reuse, and re-manufacture within Australia. Approximately two years ago, councils were still very much working on a one-on-one basis. Now, the focus within the entire industry has shifted to how we collaborate, who we collaborate with, and how we make that work. The question for Mandalay then, I guess, is how does data allow these collaborations to work effectively, and how does it assist you in getting the performance out of the contracts that you so desire?

The second trend, which I find really interesting, is the increase in focus on how we positively influence the reduction and generation of waste; and, more specifically, how we track the data points and data around material generation on a waste hierarchy basis, not solely to improve efficiency of disposal.

Finally, there have been many questions surrounding the integrity of supply chains which is reflected in recent issues in Victoria and with recycling being exported into parts of Indonesia. People are wondering what is actually happening with the materials that they’re told are being recycled; are they actually being recycled, and if so, where?

I am asked at dinner parties, at breakfasts, and by friends all the time, “how do I know what I put in my recycling bin? How do I know that it’s being recycled?”; and questions, such as these, provide plenty of challenges for our customers, but also opportunities for those that are actually delivering a service to their community.

My message is, the world has many challenges, one of which is waste. The importance of spending quality time, and connecting with your family, friends, and all the reasons why you do what you do, is something that I whole-heartedly support.

If there is one thing that we are focused on for next year, it is really doubling down on our engagement with you as we take you on this journey. Our success is only as good as your success. In fact, our success can only come through your success. So, it is important to us to ensure that our team is completely focused on understanding your needs, your priorities, and your problems, and that we are in the best place to service them. Next year, from us, you can expect a greater level of engagement, a greater level of communication, and a greater sharing of our thoughts, to enable us to prioritise your priorities.

So, on that note, thank you again for your support. I’m personally touched with all the relationships we have and that’s what makes it worthwhile for us. I wish you all the best for Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Simon Kalinowski, CEO

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