30 Year Anniversary (May 2023)

Local Authority Waste Management Advisory Committee [LAWMAC]

Simon Kalinowski and Myriam Beyoddi joined the LAWMAC delegation in Cooktown in May 2023 to attend the LAWMAC meeting. This event marked the 30th anniversary of LAWMAC and aptly took place in Cooktown where it all began.

The Local Authority Waste Management Advisory Committee (LAWMAC) is an organisation of 29 North Queensland Local Government Councils and 19 Associate Members dedicated to best practice waste management aiming to provide sustainable solutions through its regional forum and interactive participation across the LAWMAC region on current and future Waste Management Practices and Technologies.

LAWMAC is a not-for-profit group comprising members from the North Queensland Local Government area from Cook Shire in the north to Gladstone in the south and extending inland to Mount Isa, Burke and Cloncurry Shires.

Mandalay is proud to support LAWMAC as a Corporate Member and Sponsor.


Host: Cook Shire Council
When: 18-19 May 2023


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