How Mandalay will take your data security and accessibility to new heights

 Data security is an increasing focus for organisations globally, particularly for those with sensitive information that they must keep safe. But unfortunately, this is an area the waste industry has traditionally been lacking in, until now.  

Being able to access and report on essential waste data from any designated location in near realtime should be a high priority for waste facilities too, but many are unaware of how much of a difference this makes to improving efficiency of day to day operations.  

Here at Mandalay Technologies, we’re proud to be at the forefront of delivering premium data security and accessibility solutions for waste facilities. Through our data security practices, hybrid cloud solution, and data synchronisation, your data is secure and easily accessible wherever and whenever you need it, even in the event of a disaster.   

Every customer who subscribes to our Facility Product Suite (waste management software) will receive these data security and accessibility features as standard. 


Data Security  

Data security is incredibly important and with Mandalay, your waste facility will have 24×7 monitoring, transparent data encryption, threat detection and disaster recovery all in place to keep your data secure.

What Does Mandalay Data Security Mean for You? 

All data that comes from your site is stored in Microsoft Azure, in tier 4 cloud-based data centres. These data centres are located primarily in Sydney Australia, with additional redundancy in Melbourne. That means your data is kept safe in highly secure, Australian based data centres. 

Mandalay is also undergoing the final steps of becoming accredited for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls). This ensures a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes, giving you even greater peace of mind knowing your data is secure. 

How Does Mandalay’s Data Security Work? 

Mandalay’s cloud databases run on top of Microsoft SQL Azure – a hosted offering which is both highly available and highly scalable.  It includes 24×7 monitoring and implements many key security features such as transparent data encryption and threat detection. Continuous backups are also taken every five minutes and are retained for 35 days to ensure disaster recovery is available if the need arises. 


Hybrid Cloud Solution  

Gain the benefits of both on-site and cloud-based access to your data with our hybrid cloud solution. We have specifically designed this hybrid model to give you the best of both worlds – the flexibility of a cloud-based online solution paired with local data storage and infrastructure.  

What Does a Hybrid Cloud Solution Mean for You? 

If your internet connection is interrupted, your data and ability to use the software will not be lost. So, if your network connection is lost, you can continue to manage transactions and will be able to operate as normal (for up to 60 days) without the internet, thus removing your dependence on a stable network connection. 

How Does Mandalay’s Hybrid Data Solution Work? 

Deployed software runs on local networks with local data stored on local PCs, but with the added benefit of having all data replicated to the cloud.  

Transactions can run offline for up to 60 days. So, in the event that connection is lost, ticketing will continue to operate, and data will synchronise once the connection is re-established. A hardware layer will connect local hardware such as weighbridges, scales, traffic lights, and cameras over an IP network.   


Data Synchronisation  

With Mandalay’s proprietary data synchronisation tool, DataSync, you’ll have reliable data synchronisation for your on-premises and remote PC’s, including point-of-sale or driver control stations. DataSync is so reliable that it even works well in low bandwidth (including 3G mobile networks) and unstable WAN environments.  

What Does Data Synchronisation Mean for You?  

Backing up and synchronising your data is essential for limiting downtime and ensuring everyone has the most up to date access to their system and data from any location. With reliable data synchronisation in place, your operators, waste managers and administrators will have access to the information and data they need in near real-time.  

How Does Mandalay’s Data Synchronisation Work? 

With a cloud-based master database and applications in place, data synchronisation across your essential waste management operations is seamless.Deployed PCs can run up to 60 days offline. When the PCs come back online during the 60 days period, data is automatically synchronised. Data is reliably replicated bi-directionally and offers a detailed audit trail of all changes.   


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