Gain valuable data insights about your operations with facility analytics and reporting

Data is imperative to the success and smooth operation of your waste facility. Once you understand how the right data can improve your waste facility operations and community waste habits, the next question to ask is where do I start? Optimising your facility operations should be your first step, and Mandalay’s Facility Analytics and Reporting product has all the functionality you need to get the most out of your operations.  

Introducing Facility Analytics & Reporting from Mandalay 

Gain a big picture view across your facilities, right down to the minute detail of individual transactions with Facility Analytics and Reporting from Mandalay. Collect all necessary data, analyse it, and report on it, all through a single platform that can be accessed from multiple locations.  

Our platform is designed to provide your waste facility with structured data, analytics, and insights across your entire waste ecosystem, to help you make informed decisions about your operations, community, and future success. 

Mandalay's Facility Analytics and Reporting


What is Facility Analytics & Reporting Capable of?  

Here’s just a sample of the benefits available: 

  • Have access to information in near-real-time.  
  • Gain multiple views of all your waste data through dashboards and reports. 
  • Pinpoint anomalies within larger data sets and drill down into more detail for more granular insights. 
  • Benchmark and compare key operational metrics across a variety of attributes including cross facility 
  • Compare movements and growth across periods of time. 
  • Meet regulatory demands for compliance.

As for functionality, here’s a small snapshot of what you will be able to do:  

  • View data by facility or across your entire organisation 
  •  Advanced filtering and data manipulation capabilities including date ranges, product types, customer and payments 
  •  Information is available using a mix of the latest visualizations  
  • Detailed product movement analysis 
  • Easy drill-down capabilities makes navigation from KPI’s to detailed data points like ticket number, license plate and customer effortless  
What Kind of Questions Can I Answer by Using Facility Analytics and Reporting? 

Facility Analytics and Reporting takes the information captured at the gatehouse at the time of transaction, aggregates it, and transforms it to provide a much more holistic view of your facility operationsHere are a couple of brief examples to illustrate this: 

  • Is your landfill diversion plan working? – View the trend of product including waste stream/class/type going up or down over time (MTD, YTD, compare to last year). 
  • Are there opportunities to improve your staffing and resource plan? – View peak facility performance and analyse by day/hour. 
  • Do you have a plan to manage overloaded vehicles in line with regulatory and NVHR requirements, and is the trend going up or down? – Detailed vehicle attributes are captured. 
  • Are you capturing data correctly and efficiently or is there an operator training opportunity? – Tracking system compliance, for example the velocity of replaced and cancelled tickets. 
  • information at your fingertips when you need to find it fast – Detailed transaction information including search functionality for ticket numbers, licence plates, and even customer order numbers. 
Premium Analytics & Reporting Tier  

The Premium Tier bundles number of Analytics and Reporting functions into a single affordable SaaS offering which is available on the naus Intelligence platform. Getting started is easy and no additional configuration or setup is required. 

The Premium Tier is a core focus of Mandalay’s development activity, with additional products and features continually being introduced: 

 Configuration Reporting 
  • Product & Client Pricing 
  • Vehicle 
  • Location 
  • User Permissions 
Insights & Dashboards 
  • Facility Insights
  • Operator Dashboards * 
  • Mass Management Insights* 
  • Real Time Metric Dashboard * 
Customisation * 
  • Report Customisation 
  • Custom Logo support 
  • Scheduled Report

These items are currently under development and will be released in this FY.  

To really get an understanding of whether Facility Analytics and Reporting will be helpful for your operations, head over to our Facility Analytics and Reporting product page or contact us to find out more.  

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