May 2021 – Waste Management Review

This article was published in the May 2021 edition of Waste Management Review.

May 2021 - Waste Management Review

In October 2019, the Heads of EPAs agreed to the latest version of the PFAS National Environment Management Plan (NEPM), with all state and territory environment ministers endorsing the plan last year.

According to the NEPM, the presence of PFAS in the environment does not necessarily constitute an unacceptable human health or environmental risk.

Rather, risk depends on a range of factors including PFAS compounds present, PFAS leachability and concentration, degree of exposure and environmental values.

With its variability and complex treatment metrics, PFAS represents one of the waste and resource recovery sector’s most present challenges.

Taking on that challenge is a central focus for Hi-Quality Group’s Waste Treatment Services division, which currently offers off-site PFAS water treatment solutions and is in the process of developing in-house treatment capabilities.


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