boosting waste system capability part 2: facility infrastructure & data

When looking at the inner workings of your waste facility, multiple tools and processes come into play to deliver an efficient waste service to your community. But as standards around waste and resource recovery change, your waste facility will need to change too.  

 If you haven’t already, head over to part 1 of this series for a big picture look at this topic. Once you’re finished with this blog, move onto part 3 where the focus shifts from infrastructure and collection of data to data analysis and insights.  


Boosting Waste System Capabilities at Your Waste Facility 

From the weighbridge, cameras and gatehouse through to the back-end administration and finance functions, all of these moving parts are tied together to deliver a complete waste service. But with the same tasks and processes being undertaken day in and day out, it can be easy for waste managers to overlook the fact that each part can be tweaked and fine-tuned to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and better deliver on your goals.  

Here are just a few areas that can be addressed at your facility: 


Future-Proofing Processes 

It’s crucial that your organisation is thinking about the future and the ongoing development of the facility. If not, there’s no way you can keep up with the complex operating environment combined with the necessary changes on the horizon.  

Making sure the correct processes are in place is an investment in the future while also removing the potential of needing to go back and fix problems after they arise.   

Mandalay software has the functionality to save operational costs for waste facilities through streamlined processes and auditability.  


Upgrading Outdated Software 

Some facilities in Australia are running on outdated software that can be up to 10 years old, and obviously technology has improved significantly since then. Making a change to a software solution that is current and always kept up to date will not only future-proof your operationsbut the flexibility available with modern software like Mandalay’s also makes you better equipped for any changes ahead within the industry. 

For facilities with Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite cloud subscription, many of the latest developments and new features are updated to users systems automatically while other larger releases are scheduled in at a date and time that suites the customer 


Automation and Integration  

Does your waste facility have automation and integration in place between software, systems and infrastructure? This simple yet highly impactful change allows vital data and information to flow to and from a single point of truth in near real time. A simple change such as this can result in significant time savings and reduced errors, as your team will no longer be manually transferring data between systems 

If you have un-attended or remote facilities, automation is a must for the management of site access and transactions. Administration and Management teams also enjoy the flexibility and accessibility that comes with being able to manage data across multiple facilities and locations. 

Here at Mandalay, all of our extension products available for the Facility Product Suite remove or reduce the need for manual intervention from your day-to-day processes. The functionality of a driver control station is greatly enhanced when products such as image capture are included to provide a fully automated experience.   



Visibility is often a big missing piece for many waste facilities who simply don’t have the data to gain a complete picture of how their organisation is operating and to identify areas for improvement. 

Here at Mandalay, all of our systems provide you with visibility of what has occurred at your organisation, and this visibility is achieved through software and tools that: 

  • Collect data at various points in your organisation in near-real time 
  • Display that data in easy to understand dashboards  
  • Provide you with further analysis and reporting tools so you can actually do something with the data you have gathered.   

But to gain this visibility, you first need to collect the right data.  


Collecting the Right Data in the Right Way at Your Waste Facility 

The right data is critical to the success of an organisation and so too are the processes in place to utilise and audit that data.  

Data capture already occurs at multiple points in your operations such as capturing images of vehicle number plates with image capturethe weight of the vehicle at the weighbridge along with resident transaction information entered by the operator at the gatehouse.  

Too often, nothing is done with that data and the value of that data isn’t realised. Data should be captured to provide you with useful information that can then be utilised and analysed to make important decisions. 

But are you capturing all the data you need and in the best possible way to make informed decisions and drive real change?  

Having the ability to capture data that can help you make informed decisions and then knowing what type of data to collect is quickly becoming an essential skill in today’s waste landscape. But many outside the technology space are unaware of how data functions. Because of this, some waste facilities are left with a data setup structure that does not align with the needs of their organisation.  

That’s why partnering with a company like Mandalay who specialises in software and data products for the waste industry can come in handy. We are experts in this space and can ensure that your data setup structure is well aligned with best practice 


The Power of Efficient Processes & Accurate Data 

By simplifying and streamlining your processes, your organisation gains more time to make real world-changing decisions about your future operations and waste processes, which are informed by your very own data captured at your facility.  

Here at Mandalay, we work closely with our clients to help them overcome any operational challenges they face, and we develop our products in accordance with that  

Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite was developed to address a range of customer pain points, including the points highlighted in this blog. But every council and facility is different and requires different configurations, so contact us to discover what Mandalay products are best suited for your data and infrastructure needs 

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