Unlocking the Benefits of Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite 

A webinar where we unlocked and discussed the benefits of Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite for waste facilities.

Webinar - unlocking the benefits of Mandalay's facility product suiteMandalay’s CEO Simon Kalinowski and Head of Customer Rosemary Black explored the common considerations when reviewing facility software and the benefits that waste facilities gain from Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite. Some common challenges include:

My Facility Software must comply with regulatory requirements 

My Facility Software needs to be up to date 

The data in my facility software reports needs to be useful, accurate and accessible

I want to avoid manually entering data into my financial system

My team needs access to support when required


Presenters: CEO, Simon Kalinowski, and Head of Customer, Rosemary Black

Discussion Points:

We discussed a number of challenges, why they should matter to you and your organisation and how Mandalay will overcome them.

Your Hosts

Simon Kalinowski
CEO, Mandalay Technologies

Simon is considered an emerging thought leader in the waste industry in Australia, particularly in the role data plays in leading the industry to meet the challenges in today’s world. He is also a regular contributor to legislative reform discussions within the waste industry. Simon is particularly passionate about leading meaningful change and the role industry professionals have in delivery an essential service.


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Rosemary Black
Head of Customer

Rosemary’s area of expertise includes strategic business development, management and operations, performance management, sales and marketing, client and stakeholder engagement, financial and administrative governance including the management of special projects. Rosemary has extensive experience across corporate and government sales, where she draws upon her expert relationship building techniques.




Full Session Recording

If you were unable to attend, or would like to re-visit the content discussed during the webinar, you can view the full session recording below.


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