Mandalay’s New Analytics Capabilities

Learn how you can use analytics to achieve better operational outcomes and efficiency

Mandalay's New Analytics Capabilities - Facility Analytics and Reporting

Mandalay’s Data Manager Hendrik Venter and Sales Manager Conor Ward will take you through Mandalay’s Facility Analytics and Reporting product to provide you with the knowledge you need to achieve better operational outcomes and efficiency through the use of analytics. 

With real data, analysis and insights, local government authorities can better plan their strategies for waste diversion, landfill reduction and planning for new facilities.

Using a combination of dashboards and detailed reporting capabilities, Mandalay’s Data & Analytics offers a suite of tools giving your organisation the big picture view across your facility(s) right down to the minute detail of individual transactions. All within one platform.




Presenters: Hendrik Venter (Data Manager) and Conor Ward  (Sales Manager)

Discussion Points:

In this webinar, you will discover the strategic operational benefits of our new Facility Analytics and Reporting offering and see a practical demonstration of how it works.

Who should attend this session:

The information that Hendrik and Conor will be covering during this webinar will be most valuable for Waste Managers, IT Managers and Finance Managers.


Your Hosts

Hendrik VenterHendrik Venter
Data Manager

Hendrik’s main focus is analytics – turning data into insights. Over his career Hendrik has had the opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of industries including finance, healthcare, mining and resources, and work in various locations like London, Cape Town, Auckland and Brisbane. Hendrik has completed and led numerous successful engagements in various roles ranging from developer to team lead and project lead and has been involved in all areas of the solution development life cycle. 




Conor WardConor Ward
Sales Manager

Conor has a strong business development background, working closely with corporate and government organisations to deliver solutions for complex business problems, manage key stakeholders through change and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Conor brings extensive knowledge across multiple industries to develop structures and operational processes to best meet the needs of the business.




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