Waste Facility Software Best Practice Part 2: Data Administration


There’s so much functionality and opportunity available within the data administration functions of Mandalay’s software, however many of our customers are underutilising it. The key is not just the data and value you get out of the system, but what does it mean for your operations and how easy does it make your life?  

We want to help you get more out of your system administration.  

Ask yourself: What does success look like when managing data administration? And how can administration in the system be set up to improve efficiency, accuracy and speed? 

In this blog, we’ll be looking at how to operationally improve the security and effectiveness of the administration of your system 

This is part 2 in our 3 part series about Waste Facility Best Practice. Click the links below to read the other two parts of this series: 


Separation of Duties and Permissions  

 Not everyone should have the same level of access and authority over your waste management softwareConsider who needs access to what and why to determine the permissions required across your organisation.  

The best way to separate duties and permissions in Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite is to have user groups in place. Specific user groups can be created to manage the activity that the people within that group do. To effectively use this, first you need to think about how you want to define these groups (eg by roles, task types, departments, rank etc).  

Within Mandalay data administration, you have a high level of capability to define who does what and who has access to what within user groups within your organisation.  

This exercise may even lead into thinking more broadly about whether you have the right distribution of roles and access across your organisation. For example, if only one person has a role that required specific permission levels into aspects of the system, you may need to consider hiring someone or upskilling/increasing permission levels for another member of your staffOtherwise, if that sole staff member went on leave or left the organisation suddenly, who would be able to cover them?   


Log and Audit Access and Permissions 

Having the transparency to be able to see all activity, changes and transactions is very worthwhile.  While this is something you will never need operationally, it will allow key members of your organisation to have the tools to see the what, when, where, and why of all activities across the entire organisation. 

Once you have that visibility, you gain a big picture view of what is working for your organisation and what’s not. 



How do you use the system to set up alerts? Alerts can be set up in multiple ways to serve multiple purposes for your organisation. For example, alerts are a great way to make your organisation aware of any abnormal behaviour or it can be used as a tool that alerts you about things you need to investigate further.  

 Before setting up alerts you first need to determine:  

  • What type of actions your organisation needs to be alerted to 
  • Why you need to be alerted 
  • What that alert should look like  


Reporting on Alerts, Data Changes and Pricing Changes  

How do you provide auditability of changes and information to help your organisation have confidence in what the teams are doing? Reporting should be in place to meet your auditability needs. Number and types of alerts, changes to data and changes to price should all be tracked and presentable in reports.   



Reconciliation is crucial for your organisation, but getting it right at a point in time is not the goal here. You need to have efficient processes and functions in place that are ongoing for reconciliation that’s easily maintained for the long term.  Speak with Mandalay about how you can make the best possible use of our functionality and data to improve your reconciliation processes now and into the long term.  

We want to expand what you are currently getting out of the system and it’s our job to educate you through that process. Contact us to gain even more insights about the data administration functionality within Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite 

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