WMRR’s 2021 #WARRQ

Conference Wrap-Up

by Simon Kalinowski

The WMRR 2021 #WARRQ Conference was held in Bundaberg last week, with several key messages standing out for me during the event, including:

FOGO (food and organics) trial across Queensland with the intent to roll out services to households over the coming years. There is a wide variety of experiences so far – but a one-word summary would be… Promising!

There was repeated discussion around the need for consistency in the levy and regulatory framework moving forward, and the plan so that Councils and private industry can plan and make investments accordingly.

There was also a lot of discussion around increasing product stewardship programs that were coming and how Councils and industry could work together to solve the challenges associated with product stewardship schemes.

It was a really engaging conversation all around and we thank our customer Bundaberg Regional Council for hosting this year’s conference.

Lastly,  I presented the topic ‘understanding your customer better’ along with all the ‘customer problems’ you may have… that now really do have a solution! Please reach out if you would like a copy of my presentation.

WARRQ Conference 2021


Host: WMRR & Bundaberg Regional Council
When: 20-21 October 2021
Where: Multiplex Sport & Convention Centre, Bundaberg

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