Mandalay CS Has a New Name

Introducing the Facility Product Suite

Mandalay Technologies alw
ays strives to improve its products and services through innovation. 
The introduction of new products has resulted in us reviewing and updating our naming conventions and structure to help current and potential customers better understand our product range. 
The biggest difference we’ve implemented is changing the name ‘Mandalay CS’ to ‘Facility Product Suite’.

What to Expect

  • There is no change to the functionality that you are used to. 
  • During July you will see slight changes to the names on some tiles within the naus Platform.

Our Facility Product Suite is structured into the core product (ticketing, administration, configuration) and extension products as follows.


Mandalay Logo   Facility Product Suite [formerly Mandalay CS]

> Facility Core Product

Includes all core functionality within the Facility Product Suite:

  • Ticketing: The operator-facing interface that facilitates the capture and processing of transactions in and out of your facility. 
  • Data Administration: A series of administrative functions that can be used to manage different data elements at various levels, from site-specific to organisational. 
  • System Configuration 
Facility Core Services
  • Help Desk: Mandalay’s Brisbane based Support Team offers assistance with product and system questions, and support.
  • Customer Service Portal: A library of information, articles, how-to’s, and product release information with articles continually being added and updated. 
Facility Data 
  • Transaction search: An easy-to-use ticketing search engine accessed within the naus Intelligence Platform.  
  • Reporting (Standard): Reports are available via a centralised Web-Based Reporting tool (WBR) allowing PDF, Excel or raw data outputs.
> Extension Products

Extension products to suit your facility and organisation needs:

Extension Transactional Products
Extension Services
Extension Data Products
  • Data & Finance Import/Export
  • API Suite
  • Facility Management Analytics

If you have any questions about this name change or if you’d like more information about the Facility Product Suite, please Contact Us.

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