How to Automate Your Payment Process with EFTPOS Integration

Many Australian organisations that take payments use EFTPOS to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction process for the customer, and the waste industry is no different.  

Did you know that EFTPOS can be integrated with your facility software? If this is news to you, read on to find out about the automation benefits you gain by enabling EFTPOS integration for your operations.   

Discover What You Can do When Integrating EFTPOS With The Facility Core Product

 If you are a current Mandalay customer who is already using the Facility Core Product within the Facility Product Suite (formerly named Mandalay CS), EFTPOS integration is simply an extension function that can be added to this product.  

The ticketing functionality within the Facility Core Product is designed to integrate with EFTPOS terminals through a third-party product called PC-EFTPOS.  

This allows your ticket price information to pass automatically from Facility Core Product Ticketing to an integrated EFTPOS terminal. In turn, on completion of the transaction, payment information passes back to the ticketing transaction record.    

Why Should I Integrate With EFTPOS? 

The biggest benefit of EFTPOS integration is that it reduces the possibility of keying errors as operators will no longer need to manually enter transaction amounts into EFTPOS terminals. It provides better reconciliation between Mandalay transactions and bank statements. Plus, all transaction payment methods are tracked and auditable. 

Automation also significantly reduce transaction time. By automating the EFTPOS payment process, operators will be able to complete transactions much faster  

What‘s Involved in Automating the EFTPOS Process? 

Step 1 – The gatehouse operator processes a transaction in the Facility Core Product and selects the ‘EFTPOS’ payment type. 

Step 2 – The transaction amount is transmitted to the EFTPOS terminal. 

Step 3 – The gatehouse operator or customer processes the payment using the customer’s debit or credit card. 

Step 4  Once payment is confirmed, payment information is transmitted back to Facility Core Product Ticketing where the transaction is completed.   

Step 5 – A receipt is generated.   

What is Required to Use EFTPOS With The Facility Core Product? 

To put EFTPOS integration in place, you’ll need to get in touch with your bank. Your bank will coordinate the installation of the PC-EFTPOS software on your local PCs and provide an integrated EFTPOS terminal.  Once this is all set up, Mandalay will enable the function within your subscription and the EFTPOS Payment Type will be configured and ready to use. 

Interested in adding EFTPOS integration to the Mandalay Facility Core Product? Contact us to find out more. 


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