Gain insights, control and visibility over your voucher program and achieve streamlined efficiency like never before with the Voucher Management product by Mandalay. Our Voucher Management Product is a simple yet powerful tool for issuing, managing and measuring waste vouchers and entitlements.

Many councils that either have or are looking into voucher programs would agree that current systems can be problematic, expensive and exposed to fraud. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how the Mandalay Voucher Management product can play an essential role in your current waste management operations.

1.   Simplify and Streamline Your Voucher Management Program

Mandalay’s Voucher Management product is highly configurable, easy to use, and provides a significant improvement in data and insights – saving you time while also improving your customer service and operational capabilities.

Here are just a few ways this product can simplify things for you:

  • Allow multiple internal users across different teams to administer and manage entitlements.
  • Have hands-on control over all aspects of your vouchers. Set permission levels to allow members of your team to cancel, re-print, re-issue and override voucher program rules.
  • Real-time integration with your Facility POS ticketing system meaning your administrative changes are immediately reflected at the point of voucher redemption.
2.   Optimum Voucher Tracking and Analytics

Discover a whole new level of analytics for voucher programs. With Mandalay, you’ll have access to additional data capture capabilities and resident analytics which allows you to gain valuable insights on your resident’s waste behavior. Identify and report on where your waste is coming from through facility transactions paid for by vouchers.

With our vouchers, you are able to uniquely identify the property the voucher was issued to and obtain valuable information to enable the system to enforce the correct waste entitlement per property.

Here at Mandalay, QR codes are used for our vouchers. With QR codes, read rate is improved significantly, even when damaged. In fact, QR codes can recover from 30 to 45% of damaged data, words or symbols, making QR codes far superior in their ability to restore data or recover information that is lost or damaged.

3. Improve the Integrity of Your Voucher Program and Eliminate Opportunities for Fraud

Are commercial companies using residential vouchers at your facilities? This occurs in waste facilities around the country; however, many do not have the systems and data in place to determine if this is happing, and how often. Mandalay can provide you with this essential data through the use of trackable vouchers.

There’s also a risk of vouchers being fraudulently created. The voucher codes we use are globally unique, making them unpredictable and difficult to counterfeit.

4. A Flexible Solution Unique to Your Council

We understand that situations differ across councils. While one solution may fit one council, a different approach may be needed elsewhere. However you wish to operate your voucher program, we have the flexibility to integrate and change the features required to provide your council with a tailored solution.

Here are a few flexible product features we have available:

  • Voucher templates are customisable and set up during onboarding including council specific information, logos and page layout.
  • Multiple voucher programs can be created to suit each type of entitlement offered by council.
  • Vouchers can be issued with any distribution method you have in place, including through Council rates notices or via on-demand requests.
  • Set voucher entitlements and usage rules for each program to define the entitlement value and frequency, along with eligibility rules by property type and resident group.
  • Create multi-use vouchers that can be used more than once.
5. Have Access to Reliable Data You Can Have Confidence In

Through our Voucher Management product, councils will have the power to track entitlements at an individual level and be confident in the information available in the system.

With analytics, you’ll have a big picture view of voucher usage across your facility, right down to individual voucher transactions. With this information on hand, you’ll be able to understand where waste is being generated and which facility it is being presented at. You will even be able to identify the vehicle, the property of origin and the breakdown of products for each voucher presented.

6. Near Real-Time Access to Voucher Information When Your Operators Need It Most

With near real-time data integration, the rules set for your voucher program are able to be enforced at the facility gatehouse when the voucher is redeemed. No more residents claiming lost vouchers. Operators will have all the information they need right in front of them to make an informed decision on whether entitlements are valid for an individual or not.

By removing the difficult discussions about entitlement and lost vouchers at the facility gatehouse completely, you will in-turn reduce queues and improve efficiencies overall.

7. Valuable insights for councils to better understand future needs and capacity

Voucher programs have the potential to provide so much value to councils beyond just a service to the community. Through Mandalay’s Voucher Management product, councils will have access to analytics, insights and knowledge about the source, volume and value of waste right at their fingertips to develop a strategic plan for waste and resident entitlements.

With access to this data, councils will gain an accurate picture of the rules, policies and systems involved in the waste voucher system they have in place, allowing them to make informed decisions on future plans.

8.  Reduce Administration Costs with Resident Self Service

Reduce your management and administration costs by making use of our resident facing self-service platform, allowing community members to manage their own vouchers. Designed as a progressive web application (PWA) the platform can be used on both smartphones and desktop browsers and adheres to best practices involving security, privacy and accessibility. Resident Self Service removes unnecessary overheads for council while also improving the customer experience for residents.

9. Improve your Customer Service

Waste managers, operators and councils aren’t the only ones who will enjoy having a new and improve voucher management system in place. Your residents will experience the positive impacts too.

  • More efficient voucher processes at the facility gatehouse means faster service for residents and shorter queues.
  • Resident self-service gives residents the freedom and flexibility to access information and vouchers anytime. No need to wait until business hours for customer service.
  • By issuing digital vouchers (as opposed to paper) even without the self-service platform, the delay of voucher availability through snail mail can be removed.
10.  Get the Support You Need to Implement the Mandalay Voucher Product Effectively

Our Voucher Management product has what it takes to make a positive impact on your operations. But we understand that implementing a new product such as this is no small feat. That’s why Mandalay will be with you every step of the way and provide you with the support and training you need to get up and running with confidence.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can implement the Mandalay Voucher Product at your facility, please send us an enquiry. Our team will be in touch asap to answer any of your questions and devise a tailored solution that suits your needs.

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