The article was published in the October edition of Waste Management Review.

Waste Management Review - Data Drives Waste at the border

Albury, one of Australia’s largest regional centres, sits on the border of the nation’s two most populous states: NSW and Victoria.

In the waste and resource recovery sector the council is well known, with recent news of a $45 million recycling facility dominating industry discussion.

The facility, which will be delivered through a joint venture partnership between Cleanaway, Pact Group and Asahi Beverages, is anticipated to recycle the equivalent of one billion 600-millimetre PET plastic bottles each year.

While the project is welcome news to the sector as it begins to build in anticipation of the 2021 export ban, Albury’s position as a waste management powerhouse is not new.

Albury City Council and its Waste Management Centre have long functioned as an industry case study, highlighting what can be achieved through proactive and future focused initiatives.

At the centre of this is Andrea Baldwin, Albury City Council’s Resource Recovery Team Leader.

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