Introducing Our New Federated ID Product

Streamline onboarding, offboarding, and user access with our Federated ID solution. Eliminate the need for managing multiple login credentials and empower seamless access to all applications within the naus Platform using a single, trusted identity.

By leveraging Federated ID, both users and organisations can benefit from a more convenient, secure, and efficient experience when accessing the naus Platform. 

What is Federated ID?

Mandalay’s Federated ID product enables an organisation’s identity to federate with our platform to deliver a Single Sign On solution. Users log into Mandalay’s cloud environment using their corporate set of credentials, thereby reducing the exposure of the organisation to cyber-attack risks and providing a smoother login process. 

Why Use Federated ID?

Enhanced security:  Centralised authentication strengthens security by automating employee onboarding and offboarding of naus applications using corporate domain management.   

Streamlined User Access: Having an organisation-wide, single sign on provides easy access to the naus Platform while avoiding the hassle of multiple logins.  

Reduced administrative process and risk: IT teams will spend less time managing and resetting user passwords across various systems, freeing up resources for other tasks. 

Enhanced compliance: Federated ID can help organisations comply with regulatory requirements around data privacy and access control. 

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