How much of our yellow bin waste is actually being recycled?


What has the Queensland Waste Levy taught us? CEO Simon Kalinowski discusses the introduction of the Queensland Waste Levy, opportunities and challenges that it presented, and experiences that came with its implementation.

Mandalay’s CEO Simon Kalinowski discusses the misconceptions about recycling within the local government and the reasoning behind difficulties with managing and processing recycled waste. 

Video duration: 4 minutes, 9 seconds








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Key Message

A large portion of yellow bin waste isn’t being recycled largely due to both contamination and a lack of responsibility from local councils and waste managers. The re-introduction of the waste levy now puts pressure on these operators to think about how they manage their recyclable waste to provide better environmental outcomes for the future.



Simon Kalinowski
CEO, Mandalay Technologies

As CEO of Mandalay Technologies, Simon is considered an emerging thought leader in the waste industry, particularly in the role data plays in leading the industry to meet the challenges faced in today’s world. Simon is particularly passionate about leading meaningful change and the role industry professionals have in delivering an essential service.


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