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The Shire of Roebourne is located in the Pilbara region of northern Western Australia.

The region employs approximately 23,000 people, many of whom work on a fly-in-fly out basis. Significant planning is now underway to ensure that the Shire can provide adequate community and infrastructure facilities to keep up with its growth. One such priority is imporved waste management systems to support the region’s geographical isolation and the Shire’s operational requirements, including improving aesthetics and reducing its environment impact.

The challenge

To cater for future demand, the Shire undertook holistic waste management review which identified multiple opportunities to streamline operations and reduce costs throughout its waste management process. A key foundation for this change would be the ablity to make sound business decisions quickly with quality information.

The Shire had, over time, amassed different data types and now needed it to be integrated into an enterprise application for reporting and analysis. To harness the information’s true business potential, the Shire had a number of objectives in mind when evaluating waste management systems in the market.

It firstly had to enable the Shire to extract meaning and context from vast amounts of data collected from across different sites. Secondly, it needed to integrate with the city’s corporate business electronic document records and management systems. Third, the system had to impose quality controls at various points throughout the architecture while retaining centralised control and management. Finally, it had to analyse diverse forms of information across disparate silos to drive deeper insight and deliver on the different reporting requirments imposed at a state and federal level.

Industry: Waste Management

The solution

Mandalay Technologies delivered a user-friendly and complete weighbridge transaction management system that would satisfy a number of user requirements – from weighbridge operator to customer service officers, sustainablity manager, IT and finance departments.

System details

  • Weighbridge software
  • Touch screen consoles
  • Replicated central server for data administration, reporting and back-up
  • Full training
  • Annual maintenance
  • Integrated CCTV system
“The flexibility of the MandalayCS platform appealed to us”
Shire of Roebourne

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