Mandalay Technologies offers specialist services in waste industry reporting and compliance.


Mandalay has years of experience in the setting up and operations of waste facilities and products. Mandalay Technologies provides a range of services to assist with the operations of facilities. These services are designed to help operators to tap into the experience and have an external view on how to improve operations.

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Mandalay Technologies undertake reviews of full operational systems, processes and reporting against relevant regulatory requirements, and we also report on improvements and recommendations, in order for you to achieve your desired outcomes. We also create supporting process documentation that aligns with regulatory compliance.

We also offer training in project management, standard management and operator training, including providing documentation and customised user manuals that can be tailored to your organisation’s chain of responsibility.

Pre-Levy Submission Health Check

These are designed to ensure your submissions are as accurate as possible. It allows early access to your data set, with the support to do a full ‘Test Run’. We then generate findings, assess the outcomes of the submission data and provide our recommendations in UAT.

Levy Submission Q&A

Designed to give you a helping hand with Regulatory Q&A support, we can assist with your levy submissions, which includes one-on-one support to answer specific questions that are relevant to your own site scenarios.

Post Levy Data Cleanse

This service is designed to give our clients a helping hand with Regulatory Q&A support in terms of assisting you with any questions about levy submissions.

Data Integrity and Governance Advice

This service is for clients who self-administered data pre-levy and would like a second set of eyes to assess for problems and recommend solutions. In many instances, issues that arise with submissions originate from within the data. Will will assist with checking your submission data, and offer targeted training or provide more specific scenario guidance if required.

Ongoing Submission Generation

Ideal for clients with limited resources, this service assists clients who don’t have time to submit regular submissions.

Custom Support

Custom support suits clients who have specialist concerns including data cleansing, Regulation in Action Guidance, report creation etc. ​This service can also be customised to suit your organisation’s individual needs.

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Product 1
Mandalay CS Facility Operating System

A collection of solutions that operate the facilities. From weighbridge, financial transactions, reporting and ticketing.

Mandalay CS
Product 2
naus Intelligence Platform

A cloud-based data management software that gives the benefits of a cloud-based solution such as backup, flexibility, access, sync and disaster recovery.

naus Practical Intelligence
Product 3
Waste Pathways

These are all the solutions designed to meet the departments and processes between the generation of waste and its final fate.

Waste Pathways