Mandalay Technologies offers specialist services in operational waste management performance.


Mandalay has years of experience in the setting up and operations of waste facilities and products. Mandalay Technologies provides a range of waste management performance services to assist with the operations of facilities. These services are designed to help operators to tap into the experience and have an external view on how to improve operations.

Report & Dashboard Building

Mandalay Technologies’ experience in the waste industry across both government and private sectors, combined with in-depth knowledge of the Facility Product Suite and facility operations, our analytics consultants can help transform your data assets into valuable insights. 

Our analytics engagements are client-centric and tailored around your business needs to ensure you obtain the most up to date solutions and outcomes. We also provide expert guidance and advice on technology choices and data and analytics roadmaps.

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Operational Audit & Strategy
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Operational Performance
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Reporting & Compliance
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Audit & Analysis
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Education & Training
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Product 1
Facility Product Suite

The Facility Product Suite offers a range of software products for waste, quarry, and other facility applications.

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Product 2
Voucher Management

Introducing a simple yet powerful tool for issuing, managing and measuring waste vouchers and entitlements.

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Product 3
Mandalay Consulting

A specialist offering in Waste Industry consulting focused on operational efficiencies, technology and data.

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