Mandalay Technologies offers specialist services in Operational Audit & Strategy.


Mandalay has years of experience in the setting up and operations of waste facilities and products. Mandalay Technologies provides a range of services to assist with the operations of facilities. These services are designed to help operators to tap into the experience and have an external view on how to improve operations.


Mandalay Technologies’ vast experience with multiple solutions across many datasets with different requirements allows our experts to help you design, refine and setup the standardisation of data, data management and governance, data structure and data integrity.

Operations & Infrastructure

We offer end-to-end operational assessments and risk assessments according to the ISO31000 Risk Management framework. We will then supply you with gatehouse operations reviews and a summary of the effectiveness of your gatehouse processes.

We also do site analyses and implement infrastructure that supports operational processes (such as DCS, LPR, Image Capture, and Boom Gate and Traffic Light Integration etc.). This includes diagramming the location, suggesting cabling and measurement requirements, specifying and supplying the infrastructure, advising on what is required, and then lastly, implementation.


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Operational Audit & Strategy
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Product 1
Mandalay CS Facility Operating System

A collection of solutions that operate the facilities. From weighbridge, financial transactions, reporting and ticketing.

Mandalay CS
Product 2
naus Intelligence Platform

A cloud-based data management software that gives the benefits of a cloud-based solution such as backup, flexibility, access, sync and disaster recovery.

naus Practical Intelligence
Product 3
Waste Pathways

These are all the solutions designed to meet the departments and processes between the generation of waste and its final fate.

Waste Pathways