Mandalay Technologies offers specialist services in waste management training.


Mandalay has years of experience in the setting up and operations of waste facilities and products. Mandalay Technologies provides a range of waste management training and education services to assist with the operations of facilities. These services are designed to help operators to tap into the experience and have an external view on how to improve operations.


Waste management training & education with the experts at Mandalay


Effective training programs should be tailored to your organisation’s needs, and support your business through the new processes that are required for effective change. An interactive, engaging process will make use of your business information to ensure an effective and relevant adoption (where relevant). Our waste management training packs cover regulatory compliance, data management, finance and reporting, and operator management, and our workbooks and supporting materials are tailored to suit your needs.

Waste Levy Training

This training involves providing advice on Waste Levy Gaps, including how to run submissions, any queries you have about bulked up contracts and information about gaps relating to Waste Stream/Class/Type. We can also offer advice on data administration in terms of any obvious knowledge gaps in terms of how to administer or structure data.

The Process

How Do We Do It?

At Mandalay, we have a strong bias for service. We are forever stretching our capabilities and are striving to create innovative software solutions.

  • Simplify customer systems (by expediating site access and, unifying data collection and reporting capabilities)
  • Strengthen and add value to business processes (through improved transactional efficiency and system connectivity)
  • Make work and life easier for staff and management (by automating processes and through integrated technology solutions).

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Operational Audit & Strategy
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Operational Performance
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Reporting & Compliance
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Audit & Analysis
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Education & Training
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Product 1
Facility Product Suite

The Facility Product Suite offers a range of software products for waste, quarry, and other facility applications.

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Product 2
Voucher Management

Introducing a simple yet powerful tool for issuing, managing and measuring waste vouchers and entitlements.

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Product 3
Mandalay Consulting

A specialist offering in Waste Industry consulting focused on operational efficiencies, technology and data.

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