One of Australia’s largest advanced resource recovery, recycling and waste management companies, SITA Environmental Solutions (SITA) provides integrated environmental and sustainable recycling and waste management solutions. SITA operates in all mainland States and the Australian Capital Territory, and provides services to over 43,000 commercial and industrial customers and more than 2.98 million people each week across Australia.

SITA’s comprehensive service offering includes recycling domestic collection, commercial and industrial collection, waste assessments, recycling, advanced resource recovery options (including sorting, processing and composting), as well as owning and operating product destruction facilities, engineered landfill operations and transfer facilities.

SITA believes the future of waste management will be based on much greater levels of resource recovery, recycling these materials and, in particular, reusing the valuable organic material for compost and energy production.

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SITA, recently announced as the winner of the Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific 2009 Waste Management Company of the Year, is an organisation known for its commitment to meeting and defining best practice for resource recovery and waste management in Australia. For example, their recently opened SITA SAWT facility in Western Sydney has the capacity to process 134,000 tonnes of waste annually, with up to 78 percent being diverted from landfill. The SAWT facility is in fact two processes within one building, converting organic waste from the residual waste stream (Liverpool City Council) and also clean, source-separated organics (Penrith City Council) into compost and mulch.

SITA Victoria’s operation encompasses 3 sites, with multi-weighbridge and non-weighbridge sites, large quantities of waste processed each day, and a Prescribed Industrial Waste landfill. 18 months ago, SITA Victoria upgraded their waste management system to the Mandalay CS system in order to have a data capture and waste management solution that not only provides efficiency and value but that will evolve as their business evolves.

Mandalay’s solution for SITA Victoria included software, hardware and service and support components. A custom interface was developed to link with SITA’s customised accounting system, and the system provides capability to track Victoria’s landfill levy that is required for certain types of waste. In addition, Mandalay worked with SITA Victoria to develop their materials processing for the Prescribed Industrial Waste landfill.

Mandalay is proud to have SITA, who is leading the way in advanced resource recovery and waste processing, as a premier Mandalay customer, with whom we partner to create new and exciting technology and data management. We are currently working with SITA Victoria on developing a web portal that will be a central repository for data management.

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